" To Make a Positive Difference "

Mission & Vision

Sovereign Asset Management Inc; is a venture capital firm created with only one goal in mind – “ To Make a Positive Difference”. We specialize in providing funding for the aspirations and innovations of newly developed  firms in the UK, Central Europe, North & Central America, soon expanding to include more regions of the world. We believe that when you move the bar upwards from the bottom, we all benefit.

Sovereign Asset Management Inc brings to our entrepreneurs clients a strong understanding of real estate development and financing, capital finance, and technology markets. We help our companies with start up financing strategy, ongoing business development, management team initiatives building, and future growth planning.

Our goal is to invest at the earliest stage of a company’s financing requirement, and to leverage our expertise to help these firms towards ongoing growth and long term profitability. By leveraging our network of Angel Investors we are able to meet the funding needs of our portfolio of companies.